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Information You Should Never Hide From Your Gynaecologist

It is never a good idea to keep any medical symptoms or experiences you may be having from your general physician or specialist. Especially in the case of gynecology, revealing every minor symptom becomes imperative. What may seem trivial or embarrassing to you could very well the inlet into a lingering medical problem. In this article, we shall discuss some critical medical information that may seem irrelevant or unrelated but may potentially unlock some lingering gynecology conditions to your gynecologist doctor in Gurgaon.

Increase in Facial or Body Hair

To most women, increased facial hair or body hair may just be the result of an increase of protein intake in the diet or an effect of the vitamin supplements your general physician has put you on. However, hirsutism or excessive hair growth could be an indication of a hormonal imbalance or polycystic ovarian syndrome. In fact, there are a host of uterine or vaginal issues that could cause this which is why this observation should never be hidden from your Gynaecologist Doctor In Delhi.

Decrease in Libido

More often than not, a compromised libido is attributed to stress and tiredness. However, if you find yourself lacking sexual interest even on rather relaxed days, it should be flagged off to your Gynaecologist Doctor In Delhi. In many cases, a sinking libido is often an early indicator of thyroid imbalance, vaginal muscle issues or even depression. Talk to your doctor about this no matter how uncomfortable you may feel. Chances are, your discomfort may disappear soon after you understand the discussion is more medical than anything else.

Extremely Painful Menstruation

While your monthly cycle can certainly cause discomfort, irritation, loss of appetite and mood swings, it certainly must not bring with it pain that is heavy or unbearable. Should this be the case, you must bring it to the notice of your obstetrician specialist in Delhi at the earliest. It could be an indication of endometriosis, which is a condition wherein the tissue of the inner lining of your uterus grows outside of the uterus.

Usage of Intrauterine Devices

There are various birth control devices and menstrual devices that are intrauterine in nature. While they are safe, these devices may react differently to different bodies. An infection you may think has caught on as a result of using a public toilet could very well be an adverse reaction of your body to an intrauterine device. Hence, discuss with your Gynaecologist Doctor In Delhi your past and present usage of such devices. 

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Painful Bowel Movements

Symptoms of gynecology issues needn’t be related to your uterus or vagina alone. The human body has interesting ways of throwing up indications of lingering issues. So, if you have been experiencing painful or irregular bowel movements, it could very well be piles, irritable bowel syndrome or any digestive condition. 

What it could also indicate is fibroids in the lower part of the uterus that is pressing against the rectum. It could even be an early flag-off for uterine cancer.

Wrap Up

If you notice any changes in your body or its functions, It is always advisable to discuss them with your Obstetrician in Gurugram. When it comes to choosing a Gynaecologist in Gurgaon, you can always count on Meddo to connect you with the best names in the domain. If you are looking for a gynecologist in Gurgaon, the search ends here. Book an appointment online.

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