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Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms – A Checklist

Everyone is familiar with the signs that indicate you are soon going to be a mommy. Whether it is missing your period to swirling nausea, from food craving to changes in the breast, all give fair-share of warning that you have a bun in the oven. However, what about other strange pregnancy symptoms that are far beyond these known symptoms.

Few unusual early pregnancy symptoms checklist that you have not heard about. Do you think what those weird pregnancy signs are that you are not aware of?

A pregnancy test is an absolute way to confirm your pregnancy. About 90% of women may experience pregnancy symptoms before eight weeks in their pregnancy. However, those are the most common symptoms which everyone knows.

You must understand hormonal changes in your body can start right after conception, and these changes can lead to unusual symptoms. Moreover, many of these symptoms can be seen by you in your first week of pregnancy itself. But remember, everyone will not experience unusual symptoms, and even the severity of these symptoms vary from one woman to another. So read these unusual early pregnancy symptoms – a checklist mentioned in this blog.

Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms – A Checklist for Every Women

Even before you miss your menstrual period, you can see the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Here we have created an early pregnancy symptoms checklist that you may be unaware of:

  • Vaginal Discharge

You may be familiar with the vaginal discharge that women experience throughout their menstrual cycle. Usually, vaginal discharge is not related to pregnancy; however, it is the early onset of pregnancy. Your vaginal will start thickening after conception, and there is elevated growth of cells along vagina lines. During pregnancy, to prevent infection, cervical mucus increases as your vaginal walls and cervix have softened. Vaginal discharge is also related to yeast or bacterial infection; however, this unusual sign will last throughout the pregnancy.

  • Food Cravings and Food You Dislike

Constant changing relationship with food is one of the most overlooked early signs of pregnancy. Out of nowhere, food once you loved can taste stale, and you start craving food that you never liked during pregnancy. Earlier, you may monitor your sugar carvings, but you may not keep your hand to yourself when you see cookies and sweets during pregnancy.

You may experience this symptom in the later as well as the early stage of pregnancy. Your appetite is known to play an important role during pregnancy. If one minute, you feel like you could eat forever to satisfy your hunger, but in the next minute, you will feel sick thinking about the food.

It may be repulsive to hear when you want to eat cheese with tomato; you may have a weird craving for the uncommon combination of foods. Even your favorite food may make you feel nauseous during pregnancy. This roller-coaster relationship with food will be there throughout your pregnancy.

  • Basal Body Temperature

Elevated body temperature is also considered the early sign of pregnancy, but no solid scientific theory confirms it. The lowest body temperature when your body is fully at rest is considered basal body temperature. After one or two days after ovulation, your body temperature will be slightly elevated.

However, this elevated temperature of your body can last until your next period. If your body keeps heating for 15 days or more (post your period due date), then it means you might be pregnant.

  • Dizziness and Headache

You can experience a headache in the early weeks of pregnancy, just like you have during the later part. Due to a change in your blood volume, an increase in the estrogen level of your body and a decrease in the blood pressure as more blood is sent to the uterus. These may be reasons that can make pregnant women experience headache and dizziness.

However, if you experience severe dizziness and vaginal bleeding and painful abdominal cramps, it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy requiring urgent medical attention.

  • Weight Gain

Some women may start gaining weight without overeating in the early stage of pregnancy. The hormonal changes in your body might affect your digestive process and metabolism, leading to weight gain. Your body is going through a big change that can affect how your body processes food.

  • Urinary Frequency

In 77% of women, urinary frequency increase (frequent loo visits). Pregnant women spend too much time in the loo because of growing uterus pressure on the bladder. However, in the early stage of pregnancy, fluid retention is increased, so you have to visit the loo more frequently.

  • Back Pain and Tingling Feeling

Unwanted symptoms of PMS like painful backaches and uncomfortable cramps will follow you in your pregnancy also. Blame hormonal changes for these frustrating symptoms. Numerous changes occur during pregnancy, including changes in the uterus where the egg has been implanted. When the uterus expands for changing its shapes, your ligaments and muscle extend, and it will eventually lead to cramps. Lower back pain during pregnancy might not let you leave your bed at all.

  • Changes in Breasts

Your breast will start to change during the pregnancy; in fact, it can be an early sign of pregnancy. Your breasts will start to feel fuller and heavier, tender to touch, swollen, achy and a bit sore. Even your areolas appear larger and darker than usual; it can be because of the increased blood flow to your breasts. These changes can be visible after one or two weeks after conception

  • Leg Cramps

You will have cramps all over your body during pregnancy; even your legs and arms may sometimes ache. It can be because of electrolyte imbalance, vitamin deficiency, or loosening up your joints and ligaments to prepare you for growing the baby.

  • Low Immunity

Your immunity will be decreased during pregnancy, which means you are susceptible to cold, running nose, cough and flu. Because of the increased hormone level in your blood volumes and body, your nasal passage will become swollen, resulting in a stuffy nose. Even the hormone estrogen will increase mucus production.

  • Mood Swings

Pregnancy can make you moody and grumpy in no time; it is because of hormonal change. Heightened emotion is normal through your pregnancy which means your emotions will be all over the place. Out of the blue in pregnancy, you can despise your favorite person and want to talk to the person with whom you never enjoyed before.

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Don’t Forget These Early Pregnancy Symptoms – A Checklist

Other unusual early pregnancy symptoms – a checklist can include the following:

  • Acne Breakouts
  • Baby brain
  • Change in sex drive
  • Hot Flushes
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dry mouth or excess saliva
  • Stronger sense of smell
  • Nail and hair breakouts
  • Vivid dreams

That’s a wrap of your unusual early pregnancy symptoms – a checklist which is a long checklist. The early signs of pregnancy could be strange because your entire body is facing significant changes. Although, these signs and symptoms alone cannot confirm your pregnancy, and even not every pregnant woman experiences these symptoms. So wait until the two lines appear at the pregnancy test kit to confirm that you have a bun in the oven!

If you’re having trouble in identifying your pregnancy or you want guidance over pregnancy, book an appointment with one of Meddo’s trusted gynecologists today.