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Asthma Symptoms Calling for a Consultation with a Pulmonology Doctor

Asthma, characterised by the inflammation of bronchial tubes, produces a sticky secretion that restricts breathing, which is followed by tightening of the airways, and the formation of mucus. You may be able to tell if you’re suffering from asthma when you experience breathlessness, wheezing, or cough that worsens at night. These symptoms can be accompanied by a feeling of pressure and tightness in chest. The symptoms, however, can vary from person to person. If you feel you need to know more about your breathing difficulty, consult a pulmonary doctor through a trusted clinic chain aggregator such as Meddo. A consultation is also recommended if you have symptoms that vary or occur at different times. Continuing on the subject, we present some common asthma symptoms that call for a consultation with a pulmonology doctor. Read on.

Periodic Symptoms

It’s even possible for some individuals to go through a longer period of time with no symptoms, only to have the condition return even worse than before. For example, you might have indications of asthma only during exercise, or when another health issue appears (such as the common cold).

Early symptoms and relatively mild attacks are common. The airways may open in a matter of hours (even minutes), leading you to treat the indications too lightly. It’s important to recognize all symptoms, and take action by contacting your medical professional, such as a pulmonology doctor in Delhi.

When you visit with specialist be prepared to talk about:

  • Frequent cough at night
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Feeling weak during normal activity

You’d be wise to pay attention to signs of a cold or allergies, in addition to discussing headache and sore throat symptoms with your pulmonology doctor in Gurgaon.

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Asthma Attack

A true asthma attack should be easy to recognize and should never be ignored. Muscles surrounding your breathing airways will tighten, and those airways can become inflamed and/or swollen. Contact your pulmonology doctor in Dwarka immediately if you notice you’re wheezing when breathing at rest or during normal activity.

Talk with the professional about chest pain or a general feeling of pressure in the chest. If there’s a feeling of tightening in the chest, or you have difficulty talking during a regular conversation, you could be in the early stages of an asthma attack. Some individuals report a feeling of anxiety at this time, and some even begin to notice sweating of the face.

Parting Words

Meddo has a goal of “bringing technology to the core of clinical care”, enabling standalone clinics to transform into comprehensive healthcare eco-systems offering end-to-end patient care. Whether you need a Pulmonology doctor in Gurgaon, Dwarka or any other part of Delhi, Meddo has got you covered. We help you consult a pulmonologist that you can trust, and can deliver comprehensive healthcare services under a single roof. If you have any questions, write to us at contact@meddo.in or simply call +91 87 5200 5200. To schedule a consultation with a pulmonology doctor near you, click here.

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