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The Significance of Regular Gynaecologist Consultations During Teenage

Reproductive health is one of the biggest concerns in the face of India’s urban population, and the main for it is that it is considered a taboo subject by most people in the country. Gynecologist specialist in our country generally receives women who are on their way to family planning, with little or no turn up of teenagers. In fact, the youngest age that people even in urban cities visit a gynaecologist is mid-20s. Things, however, are gradually changing. With increasing awareness, teenagers have started consulting gynecologist specialists for a variety of reasons. Continuing on the subject, we present the reasons why it is important for teenage girls to regularly visit a gynaecologist specialist. Read on.

Why Visit a Gynecologist During Teenage

Every gynecologist specialist will concur that young girls should start taking care of their reproductive health as soon as they hit puberty. The teenage body undergoes so many changes, that it requires special care during this time. We do have mothers, grandmothers, and elder sisters to mentally guide us through the journey, but it is now quintessentially important to consult a specialist in order to pay timely attention to issues like basic intimate hygiene, hormonal disbalance, among other issues.

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Issues Addressed by a Gynecologist

Firstly, a gynaecologist can help address issues such as delayed development of breasts and early onset of menstruation cycle. Many young girls also develop anemia, especially in cases of malnourishment. Periods become an extremely tough time for such teenagers. Moreover, most gynecologist specialists in Gurgaon and other places would agree that the cases of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) and PCOS are also increasing at an alarming rate. While the problem can be managed easily, most young girls feel very shy talking about it, which results in issues such as weight gain and can even lead to depression if ignored for too long.

Openly Discuss Sexual Problems

Gynecologist specialists in Delhi and other places are also of the opinion that many sexual problems go unnoticed due to a lack of awareness. Various reproductive development disorders also often go unnoticed. This becomes a major problem in the future, especially when women want to conceive. Another taboo that young girls are not very comfortable talking about is the hymen problem. A gynecologist specialist will help in breaking the myths related to these issues and help them lead a healthy life without any inhibitions.  

Addressing Embarrassing Problems

Apart from the sexual development disorders, a gynecologist can also help in addressing endocrine disorders. There is also a problem known as Hirsutism that is often found in teenage girls. With the right management, almost all gynecological issues can be effectively managed.

Wrap Up

At Meddo, we are of a strong opinion, that young girls are bearers of a healthy future, and it’s about time we openly discuss their problems, rather than labelling them taboo. With the right health measures and regular consultations with a gynecologist specialist, teenage girls enter adulthood in a much more confident and healthier manner. If you are looking for a gynecologist in Gurgaon, Delhi, or any other place in the NCR, Meddo is the best platform to find it. We help you consult a gynecologist that you can trust, and one who can deliver comprehensive healthcare services under a single roof. Book an appointment online or call +91 87 5200 5200.