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Planning Healthy Nutrition for Your Child and Yourself!

Most parents are either able to focus on a healthy diet for themselves or their children, but putting the right emphasis on both is usually challenging. There are several reasons for this, such as tight work schedule, school activity schedules for children, and so on. If this is one of the difficult parts of your life, as a parent, start with the general idea that nutrition for children generally follows the same guidelines as nutrition for adults. Continuing-

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Professional Advice

It’s certainly common for new parents to be extremely careful about the food choices for an infant, and even for a toddler. Unfortunately, attention to diet tends to slip to the bottom of the priority list as children age. If this is true of your family, you might seek advice from a pediatric doctor, to help get your child back on the road to healthy eating.

Pediatric doctors around the city would agree there are a few nutrient-dense food categories that help every family member stay healthy. Focus on:

  • Protein: Include unsalted nuts, lean meat, eggs, poultry, and other items in your diet.
  • Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are always a good idea for meals, though younger children often disagree. Try to find fresh, seasonal vegetables your family members will eat. Be creative in the way you prepare them as well.
  • Whole grains: Your bread should be whole-wheat based if at all possible. If your children like rice, choose brown or wild rice. It’s best to avoid processed/refined grains such as white rice and white bread.
  • Dairy: When your children want to include dairy products in their meals, choose fat-free or low-fat products, including yogurt and cheese.
  • Fruit: As with vegetables, find fresh, frozen, or dried, fruits for your family to include in daily intake. If you serve juice, make sure there are no added sugars. Dried fruit can be good for providing daily calories.


When you talk to a pediatric specialist in Dwarka, or in Delhi, be sure to ask about the ways to limit added sugars, including corn sweetener and corn syrup. Every family member will benefit from limiting saturated fats in the diet. Reduce or eliminate red meat and full-fat dairy items, to get started. Vegetable oils and nut oils are a better option, and it’s best to avoid foods containing partially hydrogenated oil. Of course, there will be times when it’s alright to enjoy and indulge in some gluttony and dig into your favorite  fun foods, as long as they’re offered in limited quantities.

Wrap Up

A good nutrition program should also be combined with regular exercise, such as walking and staying active with tasks around the house. If you wish to consult a pediatric doctor in Delhi, Gurgaon or any other part of the NCR, leave that to Meddo, India’s first clinic chain aggregator committed to bringing technology to the core of clinical care. Our goal is to look towards transforming standalone clinics into comprehensive healthcare ecosystems offering all the services needed by patients under a single roof. To schedule a consultation with a pediatric doctor near you, click here or simply call +91-87520-05200.