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India is a country that has a complex healthcare system where more than 70% of primary healthcare services are provided by private healthcare service providers and the Government contribution is limited to less than 30%. Whereas majority pays out of pocket for Preventive,  OPD and IPD treatment and only a small fraction of population is insured. The OPD network constitutes healthcare facilities provided by government aided and privately operated clinics such as single doctor units, poly-clinics, multi-specialty operations and tertiary nursing homes and hospitals.  Of these, only a minor 20% of the population is catered to by Government aided or owned facilities whereas the remaining 80% of the population turns to privately operated clinics.

In the healthcare industry, approximately 50% of the expenditure occurs in the preventive and outpatient verticals. For the majority of the population in the country, outpatient and preventive health related expenses are borne directly by the consumer as neither the insurance companies nor the government picks up the tab. Primary healthcare services are largely provided by privately managed clinics, most of which are owned by single doctors. Therefore, the most frequented destination for preventive medical attention are sought from these single operated doctor units. Hence, it is not surprising to know this has led to a rise in single doctor owned establishments to 87% in the last decade.

Largely, doctor run clinics are not structured in a manner that is able to provide value-added services to patients visiting the establishments. In order to efficiently run these single unit clinics, the majority of medical practitioners have to divide their time between practicing medicine and be involved in the administration of the peri-clinical operations. That’s where Meddo steps into the picture.

The goal for Meddo is to look towards transforming these standalone clinics as part of an overall healthcare eco-system offering and improving upon multi-faceted patient care.

Offering practicing doctors, a custom-designed and comprehensive digital platform, the Meddo solution assists in facilitating in-house diagnostic services and train the doctors in dispensing medication within the premises of the doctor’s clinic. As part of a bundled offering, the doctor’s clinic is also able to provide add on services such as home collection of blood samples, report delivery thereby focusing on 100% patient convenience. In addition to that, Meddo’s partner doctors are able to access a number of digitized services though a dedicated EMR interface that includes electronic patient records and digitization of prescriptions.

With Meddo’s service of digitizing the patient records, it helps our partner doctors keep track of individual patient medical histories without having to add to their paperwork. The advantages of the electronic health records are numerous in a clinical environment. Partner doctors are able to provide improved healthcare by enhancing all aspects of patient care, including effective and efficient clinical work flows, bettering their ability to diagnose diseases and reduce—and even prevent medical errors and provide greater support towards clinical decision-making.

Meddo has associated itself with well-known diagnostic brands in the industry that helps our partner doctors offer the best and the most reliable diagnostic screening opportunities to their patients. Along with the convenience of clinic or home testing, collaborating with the best diagnostic brands ensures accurate and timely reporting.

Medication is the most critical aspect of treating a patient. The doctor alone knows which medicines to prescribe and the brands that offer the best in terms of molecular compositions. To bring on the added convenience of a one stop solution, for all healthcare necessities, Meddo trains their partner doctors in dispensing medicines and assists them in maintaining prescription records as per the outlined legal guidelines of India. This guarantees that the correct medication, the accurate quantity and the right brand is prescribed to their patients. For patients visiting the doctor’s clinic, this is an added advantage as the medication is dispensed by the doctors to their own patients basically means that the patient does not have to make any additional journey to a pharmacy and thus, can concentrate on recovering quickly from their illness.

Meddo’s clinic management system is simple, yet efficient. When doctors choose to partner with us, we take over the entire day-to-day operations of running and managing all peri-clinical activities. This leaves the doctors the time to concentrate on patient care, which is what they do best! However, running multi-clinical operations also involves several regulatory compliances. As part of our offering, we oversee that all compliances are adhered to and extend the facility to ensuring accurate diagnosis, prescription fulfilments and pharmacy conformities are met too.

The objective is to assist standalone clinical units and convert them into full-service health centres. However, no compromise is made on quality and excellence in the standards of care offered to our patients. This interlinking of doctors with patients through this integrated interface ensures that the patients’ needs are met within a single healthcare establishment. Through the Meddo experience, our partner doctors achieve their principal purpose of serving the requirements of individual patients from one convenient location. Through nurturing these associations, the healthcare process becomes more structured, accessible, budget friendly and smooth for patients who choose to experience Meddo.

Want to connect with a doctor? Meddo’s virtual doctors offer the exact same support as in-person doctors, just via video, text, app and phone — with appointments at times that work for you. That means no trips to a doctor’s office, long waits to see a doctor, and limited office hours. Your primary care doctor will bring their expertise to you, wherever and whenever you need them