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All you needed to know about dangers of Monsoon and how to prevent falling sick

These days, one can find the sun shining at its full glory with humidity at its peak, and every movement by the body is followed by profuse sweating. Moments later, the scenario changes to an assembly of the darkest of clouds, awaiting to unleash a heavy thunderous downpour. With lightning and thunder, rain begins to drench each and every corner around us, turning everything into lush-green, with fresh smell of soil enriching our senses with happiness. Such is the beauty of Monsoon, India’s most awaited season during the months of July-Sep.
However, as much as you enjoy getting drenched in the rains, chances are you will end up sneezing, coughing or worst, falling sick with one or the other water-borne diseases.
Here’s why – “Stagnant water and humidity act as a perfect ground for microbes such as
bacteria, fungi, and carriers such as mosquitoes and houseflies, to breed and reproduce,
making us vulnerable to all sorts of infections and diseases, ranging from common cold to life-threatening dengue and chikungunya”
As per the article published by DNA India, municipal hospitals see a 25% rise in number of patients during monsoons every year. Already four cases of death due to leptospirosis have been recorded in Mumbai. Delhi has already seen 54 cases of Malaria and 33 cases of Dengue.
We are listing a few of the most common illnesses prevalent during the monsoon season. If you experience any of the symptoms listed along with the illnesses, immediately consult your doctor in Gurgaon or nearby area.

1. Malaria: High fever is accompanied by shivering, sweating, headache, vomiting, diarrheas and massive muscle pain. Malaria is a life threatening illness.
Cause: Due to infected mosquito bite (Anopheles), symptoms generally begin to show
within 2 weeks to a month
2. Dengue & Chikungunya: High fever is accompanied by rashes, body ache, shivering and joint pain. Leaves a long lasting effect on body.
Cause: Due to infected mosquito bite (Tiger mosquito)
3. Leptospirosis: Wide range of symptoms that can be mistaken for other diseases. In the long run, it can damage kidneys, liver, respiratory organs and can even cause death.
Cause: Bacteria contaminated food and water
4. Viral Fever: Quite common throughout the year, symptoms are cold, cough, fever,
fatigue, shivering and body ache
Cause: Due to air-borne virus
5. Cholera: Excessive diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting , low blood pressure and muscle
Cause: Consuming contaminated food and water
6. Typhoid: Loss of appetite, high fever, headache and diarrhea
Cause: Consuming contaminated food and water.
Other common monsoon related illnesses are common cold, gastroenteritis, jaundice, dysentery and diarrhea. Since a few of them are life-threatening, it is a good idea to consult your doctor for treatment immediately after experiencing one or the other symptoms.
Secret to Staying Safe: Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.
Avoid food and water during your outdoor ventures, since chances of it being contaminated are quite high. Consuming boiled or RO purified water and home cooked food is your best shot to keep away harmful microbes during the monsoons.Don’t let water stagnate in and around your house, and ensure to clean the water tanks with disinfectants. Remember, it is always good to keep a note of nearest doctor/clinic in case of any emergency.

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