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6 easy ways to keep the calories in check as you go feasting this winter

Come to think of it, without winters – and all the festivities it brings – there perhaps wouldn’t be new year resolutions. After all, this is that time of the year when we tend to put on that extra layer of fat – one we spend the rest of the year trying to shed. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to take some precautions in advance?

Here are some steps that will help you keep your weight in check as you are moving from one party to the next this season of feasting.

1. Choose soups over salads

Not only do soups contain nutritious, low-cal greens, but they tend to fill up the stomach. This naturally means less space for paranthas dripping with butter, an extra spoon of sinful red velvet cakes or another helping of rabri.

2. Drink cold water

It’s simple. If your body takes in anything that’s colder than its own temperature, it has to
‘work out’ to burn those calories.

3. Eat in

Studies prove that we tend to order dishes with lower calories when we are in a restaurant.
Worth a shot, right?

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4. Load up on proteins

Due to the feeling of ‘satiety’ they generate, proteins help us feel ‘fuller’ for longer periods (As a ‘bonus’, it even helps regulate blood sugar levels). Having a high protein breakfast in winter is the best favour you can do yourself.

5. Go easy on happy hours & buffets

Go for a-la-carte instead of a buffet if you can, since we tend to tuck in more in a no-holds-barred buffet. The same goes for happy hours and open bars. The rule of thumb is simple: If you don’t control yourself, no-one else will.

6. Eat ‘real food’

Go slow on the ‘junk bite’ and include fibre-rich wholegrain rice, bread and pasta in your
diet. Other foods that makes sense in the cold season are kale, eggs, broccoli, nuts, cauliflower, seeds, lentils, seafood, beans, chickpeas and tofu.

A little caution is all it takes to make sure that you load up on fun and togetherness – and not calories – in this season of celebrations.

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