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5 Symptoms it’s Time to Consult an ENT Doctor

ENT is a niche in medical practice and knowledge. Due to this, oftentimes patients tend to ignore dawdling symptoms that call for the immediate attention of an ENT doctor. In most cases, any delay in seeking medical assistance worsens the problem, which is why it is always prudent to act with a sense of urgency. Wondering what these symptoms are that should ring the alarm bells in your head? We’ve put together five warning signs you must not ignore, should you experience any of them. Read on.

Consistent Nasal Congestion

Do you find yourself constantly waking up with a clogged nose, even in peak summer months? It’s time you give the lethargy a miss and seek the counsel of a good ENT Doctor. What you may brush off as a triviality could, in the worst cases, maybe a deviated septum or a severe infection that calls for immediate medical attention. If you live in the NCR region, approach a leading ENT specialist in Delhi to help you out.

Ringing in The Ears

No, this isn’t just the result of your last cinema hall visit. Constant ringing in the ears could be a sign of infection or even tinnitus, a condition that indicates the onset of a hearing problem. Sounds scary, right? Nib the issue in the bud by connecting with an ENT Doctor who can expedite you on the road to recovery.

Recurrent Throat Pains

We’ve all brushed this away as just another side effect of weather change. A score of leading ENT Specialists in Gurgaon have faced this complaint from patients as a result of the high pollution levels in the region. While in most cases it indeed could be nothing more than a passing infection, a persistent problem could mean something else.

If you find yourself experiencing throat aches every other week, it is best to undergo a thorough examined by an ENT doctor to rule out issues such as GERD and tonsillitis that require specialized medication and even procedure. Your ENT doctor can then prescribe the right medication that prevents the problem from ballooning into flu and a fever.

Dizziness & Balance Issues

Most patients with blood pressure or diabetes would look to these ailments as the cause of dizziness. A persistent issue should point to vestibular disorders or even an infection in the inner ear. You are better off not pinning the blame on other ailments and approaching an ENT doctor should you experience recurrent dizziness.

Tumours Head Up

In the event that you have fallen prey to a tumor in any part of your body head-up, it makes good sense to rope in the opinion of an ENT doctor along with the surgeon and specialist.

Especially for tumors that involve the neck or the head, an ENT doctor vets a patient and the issue to suggest some important scans and tests. This rules out the effect of surgery on other areas as well as any side effects one may face in the future.

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Wrap up

When it comes to seeking medical intervention for an ENT disorder, it is important to choose an ENT doctor with proven expertise in the field. There are many sought-after ENT Doctors in Delhi who are known to deliver world-class healthcare services. If you do not have a dedicated ENT doctor yet, Meddo, India’s first full-service clinic chain aggregator, is here to help. We can connect you with all sorts of specialists with full-service healthcare centers, with ENT doctors being no exception. If you have any questions, write to us at contact@meddo.in or call +91 87 5200 5200.

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