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5 Common Skin Problems that You Must Not Ignore

While many skin conditions may not require a specialist for diagnosis and treatment as they can be addressed with over the counter products, others require a consultation with a skin specialist who is trained to treat recurrent skin diseases and injuries resulting from accidents, surgery, burns and systemic disorders. Various skin conditions such as severe atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and acne call for an immediate consultation with a skin specialist. While you can always count on Meddo to connect you with a trusted skin specialist in Gurgaon, Dwarka and other parts of Delhi, the question that remain is how to tell that it’s time to see a skin specialist?  That’s what we answer in this blog post. Read on.

1. Irregular or Growing Mole

It’s pretty common to have moles, birthmarks or freckles. However, if you notice these body spots altering over time, they may be signaling something more serious. A change in a mole or an itchy growth on the skin which constantly bleeding or takes time to heal may be a sign of skin cancer.

2. Dry or Itchy Skin

While you may be thinking that you could effectively treat a small rash at home, itchy flaky skin may not just be a seasonal side effect, but a common skin condition referred to as Eczema. A skin specialist may recommend a lifestyle change or a simple switch such as changing your detergent.

3. Severe Skin Damage

If your skin is damaged or aging, a skin specialist can suggest a lifestyle change or products that reduce your exposure to skin-damaging elements.

4. Chronic Acne

If you have acne that is not responding to OTC treatments, you need to schedule an appointment with a skin specialist. They will determine the most effective treatment for your acne and lifestyle.

5. Rash or Skin Infection

If a rash or any other skin problem covers a considerable surface of your skin, you need to see a skin specialist as soon as possible, especially if your skin issue is accompanied by joint aches, fever, inability to sleep and muscle pains.

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Wrap Up

With or without a reason, it is important to see a skin specialist occasionally for a clean bill of health. You can schedule an appointment with your specialist even when you don’t have any skin problem. You may want to ask some questions about general skin care or get a skin cancer screening. Although there’s no clear direction on how often a skin exam is required, regular checks are important for early diagnosis. If you are looking to consult the leading skin specialists in Dwarka, Gurgaon or Delhi, look no further than Meddo. With Meddo, you’re assured of the best solution to all types of skin problems. If you have any questions, write to us at contact@meddo.in or simply call +91-87 5200 5200. To book an appointment with a skin specialist near you, click here.

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