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4 Signs Calling for a Consultation with a Skin Specialist

Skin primarily acts as a barrier that protects the body from contracting infections from the environment. Its acid mantle plays a great part in preventing bacteria from causing infections by attacking the skin. Water is repelled by the skin’s outer layer, but it allows in oily substances, which penetrate the cell gaps easily. From environmental causes to various product usage, there are tons of reasons why you might have issues with your skin. In this blog post, we will talk about four signs that tell you it’s time to consult a skin specialist. Read on.

1. You notice an irregular mole

Moles, birthmarks, and freckles are quite common among most people, and over time, it is possible that their states might change. Although mostly harmless, some signs of the changes intrigue more serious concerns. Alterations or growth in moles that itch, bleed, or don’t heal are usually the first indicators of cancer. A skin specialist will help you identify if there is any reason for concern or not.

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2. You notice a cystic pimple

Cystic acnes are usually bigger than the regular ones but much like other acnes, they might appear red, irritated and inflamed. These do not form an opening similar to the other ones although they are tender to touch and are painful. Consult with a specialist as cystic acne is not easy to avoid and self treat, especially if it is genetic.

3. You have dry and itchy skin

You would think that piles of skincare products are able to get rid of those little rashes easily. Often at times the flaky, itchy rash is not just a side effect of seasonal change. It might as well be Eczema, which is a prolonged skin condition. After diagnosis, skin specialists will direct you to the creams or balms to use for minor cases and for severe cases, corticosteroid injections.

4. You have scaly and rough patches on your skin

Often, the red and itchy patches on the skin show a sign of psoriasis. It is an autoimmune condition that occurs due to your immune system forcing your skin to develop too fast. As the skin cells are not capable of shedding fast enough, your skin starts to show those patches. You can get prescribed products with coal tar and salicylic acid or topical creams once a skin specialist examines your skin.

Wrap Up

With changing environment, it is now more important than ever to be conscious about your skin. From the simplest of signs to more severe issues, it is essential to schedule regular meetups with a skin specialist. Whether you look for a skin specialist in Dwarka, a skin specialist in Delhi, or a skin specialist in Gurgaon, Meddo is your best bet to find one. We will help you find a trustable skin specialist who can offer comprehensive services, all in one place. To schedule an appointment with a skin specialist, simply call +91-87-5200-5200 or click here.