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Health Records

Your family health bank for anytime access

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From the best at your convenience

Medicine & Follow-Up Reminders

For the best Doctor-Patient interaction

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Ab Tension Khatam, Health Shuru with Meddo Health: Book Doctor Appointment and Lab Test Online

Meddo Health is redefining the way primary and secondary health care services are provided to customers in India. We are the largest physical-digital care platform providing top quality health care online via Meddo clinics, under the guidance of top doctors online in India 

Ever found yourself worrying about symptoms, but you have no idea which doctor to see. Do you find yourselves asking questions about your treatment? Why do I need these tests? Why do I need these medicines? What is the doctor trying to find out? Do you ever wonder how small habits, small signs today may affect your health in the long term?

We understand your conundrum and are here to handhold you throughout the journey to find reliable, credible, dependable care options. Usually, the few options you can rely on are word of mouth or through your own research. Our online health services like doctor online consultation and details on lab test packages will enable you to get an in-depth know-how of your problem and consequently make well informed decisions for your treatment and medication. 

According to WHO, nearly 138 million people in the world get negatively affected due to faulty diagnosis and wrong medication. (1) We at Meddo, understand the importance of timely and appropriate medical care and therefore we have created a dynamic physical and online health services portal that allows easy access to quality medical care. 

We are here to ensure that you have access to the best medical centres nearby, most qualified doctors, credible online diagnostic tests for accurate, on time health check-ups and radiology along with 100% genuine medicines, all under one roof. 

With Meddo Health, now you can say- ab tension khatam, health shuru. 

Meddo works in streamlining the patient's clinical journey by bringing them to the center of healthcare. They do this by empowering the providers such as Doctors, clinics, pharma etc with a standardised channel of distribution and management. We are known for integrating and streamlining online health care services in India which is supplemented by innovative, path breaking technology solutions built by a deeply motivated and robust team. We don’t believe in aping the west blindly but go to the core of problems within the healthcare space to find adaptable, impactful solutions like our clinic management suite and digitisation (EMR) technology “Doxper”. It’s a matter of great pride for us that in a very short period since inception, we have a robust network of 4000+ doctor partners, over 50 hospital partners, and have served over 2 Crore patients till date. Within the digitization realm, we have achieved 96% clinician compliance without altering the existing workflows, almost unheard of in the industry.  In addition, we also empower hospital management with medico legal compliances, identifying and addressing areas of revenue leakages, patient engagement automation, and more. 

Meddo Health, through all its endeavours, strives toward making patients the pivot  of healthcare and therefore empower providers to positively impact patient outcomes.

Meddo for Patients: From Doctor online, clinic nearby to best Lab Test Packages we have it all for you

It is the only healthcare platform offering substantial benefits on all healthcare services that you or your family will require, including finding doctors nearest to you, online doctor consultation and lab tests online, etc.

Clinic consultation: Your Search for a Nearby doctor clinic ends with us

Take control of your health with top, most experienced and qualified doctors in your area at any of the Meddo clinics near your home accessible through the Meddo doctor appointment app or website. You can either search for the doctors nearest to you, opt for a doctor video consultation or book doctor appointments to see you physically.

Teleconsultation: Avoid travelling blues with Online Doctor Consultations

Get the right care when you need it most. Don’t rely on acquired knowledge or frivolous suggestions when it comes to your health. Find the best health experts online in India via our consult online doctor service on Meddo Health and connect with them to discuss your medical trajectory. Talk to expert doctors anywhere anytime by phone or video call via our doctor appointment app or website. Book online consultations now. 

Diagnostic: Lab Test Online comes easy now!

Delivering accuracy, no matter what. Get the quality committed to precision and timely delivery of health reports from NABL and ISO certified Labs. Our lab test feature provides high-quality diagnostic testing, customized lab tests and details on lab test packages based on your health needs. Our online diagnostic test will facilitate comfort and convenience by enabling the patient to mitigate the need to travel and wait in queues to get tested. We offer home blood sample collection  and online intimation of reports. 

Meddosure - Best Health Care Plans

health care membership for individuals and families with unlimited access to better care. A new way to access first-rate services of Diagnostic, teleconsultation, and in-clinic Consultation at best prices. Get unlimited free consultations across 20+ specialities with our unique and easy-to-understand subscription health plan that can beat your health insurance benefits any day. 

We offer attractive offers on family memberships and the members are also liable to avail discounts on other services as well. Furthermore, the members can also avail free and unlimited consultation from health experts online in India and use the services of a personal health manager so that his expertise can be leveraged to make better medical choices and decisions. Our health care membership will make us partake in your medical finances as we offer a 10 percent discount on all medicines and a 20 percent discount on all online diagnostic tests. This will bode well for your finances in case of a medical emergency as the you will not have to bear the burden alone, it will be shared. This will also encourage the patient to go for best-in-class treatment without worrying about the financial burden. (3


Consult Top Doctors Near You with Meddo

Meddo has the best network of top doctors in your area, accessible at your fingertips, which are here to solve any of your health concerns. 

In case of an emergency, one is unable to fully comprehend the situation and therefore, it becomes difficult to make well-informed choices. Choosing and booking the right doctor can be an uphill task in such a situation. Meddo Health is here to guide you through the process of choosing the right doctor in case of an emergency or even otherwise. You can browse through the categories and choose a nearby doctor clinic that matches your requirements. 

Below mentioned are the Specialties of Doctors under our roof. You can book doctors online as per your need and requirements. 

General Physician

A general physician is the first point of contact for any general medical issue such as nausea, cold, cough, fever or chronic diseases like cholera, jaundice, etc. They deal with non-surgical health related problems. The general practitioner has a responsibility to inform the patient about preventative maintenance methods.


A gynaecologist is a person specialising in the female reproductive system. They master obstetrics and gynaecology treating issues related to infertility, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and breasts. If you want to support your reproductive health, you should see an obstetrician between 15 and 45 years of age.


We know each parent is on the lookout for top child specialists, now you can find the best in-town paediatrician at Meddo. Our experienced online doctors can examine and provide physical, behavioral, and mental care to children from birth till adolescence. Apart from assessing the ailments, they can help in recommending immunization, assessing development milestones, answering your child's concerns, and in general providing information on your child's health and fitness. Do not take a toll on your child’s health, consult doctor online now!


An otolaryngologist or otorhinolaryngologist is an ear, nose and throat (ENT specialist) who treats the area below the brain and above the lungs (except the eyes). ENT doctors can help if you are experiencing problems with your ears, nose, thyroid, sinuses, throat, voice box, oesophagus or voice box.


A cardiologist or heart doctor is your go-to person to diagnose, assess and treat a person with heart and blood vessel-related issues, also known as cardiovascular issues. You may consult  a heart specialist if you have an ongoing experience of chest pain, changes in heart rhythm, dizziness,  or high blood pressure Doctors may recommend a few tests after diagnosing you like ECG, Stress test, Echocardiogram, Cardiac catheterization, etc. If the patient is unable to visit the doctor you can also opt for doctor video consultation online.


Orthopaedic surgeons or orthopaedic doctors specialize in the musculoskeletal system which includes the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In short, they help in restoring ease to your everyday moment by treating trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours, and congenital disorders caused in muscles or bones.


After going for ‘dadi ke nuskhe’ and failing deliberately, we go online and search for a skin doctor nearest to me. You may find many skin specialists on Meddo. A dermatologist may help you treat and manage diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and some cosmetic problems. 




Fertility (IVF)

Infertility is a condition wherein a couple is unable to conceive or get pregnant despite having intentional, unprotected intercourse. It is a condition where fertilisation is not able to happen due to one or the other reason, which could be either male or female centric. Usually, it is believed that fertility in women can decline with age. After reaching the age of 35, it becomes harder to conceive. In men, fertility can be related to low sperm count, which can occur due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, too much stress, alcohol consumption, or a poor diet and exercise regime.  Treatment options for lowered fertility includes Medicines, surgical procedures, and assisted conception, IVF- In Vitro Fertilization, IUI- Intrauterine Insemination


Meddo for Healthcare Providers

In addition to helping patients in booking appointments online with the best nearby doctor clinic,  we also leverage the power of the Meddo Health ecosystem to upgrade clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. 

Quality patient care is our topmost priority and hence we bring to you a host of solutions to ensure that you focus on treating the patients with the best of infrastructural endowments and equipment. We ensure that you place your focus on dissipating your services properly, leaving the rest to us. 

Meddo: Your Healthcare Service Partner for Booking Doctors and Lab Test Online

Being India’s largest physical-digital healthcare platform, we are the nation's only revolutionary answer to distraught patient journeys and healthcare gaps. We provide end-to-end technical, diagnostic, and pharma support along with clinic managing services (digitisation, appointment management, inventory management) to increase patient footfall and revenue. With more than 350 + smart clinics, we work towards easing the patient journey. We partner, build, and design to uplift clinics to become full-suit healthcare centres, bringing patients to the centre of smart, reliable care. 

We have taken cognisance of the fact that an optimally functioning health care system should not only be affordable to the elite but in fact, it should be a patient’s basic right. (2) Therefore, we have taken the mantle to contribute in  uplifting and empowering the health care system in our country to make good quality health care accessible for all. 


We are proud innovators of a digitisation solution par excellence; Doxper. This smart EMR solution certified by govt’s mission Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, has signed more than 2 Crore prescriptions with zero behaviour change. In addition, we have managed to achieve a 96% adoption rate almost unheard of for any active EMR solutions. The success of this solution is reflected in the roster of clients who are great advocates of the technology, amongst them some of the most noted names are Manipal hospital, Nanawati Max, BLK Max, Hinduja hospital, Cloudnine, and more.

Why choose Meddo health? 

Meddo health is an online application that integrates a plethora of healthcare services online so that you don't have to run pillar to post in order to find the right doctor or diagnostic center to set your treatment plan in action. From booking an appointment for in-house testing such as home blood sample collection through our online diagnostic test to doctor video consultations, we have got you covered when it comes to your diverse medical needs. In addition to an online approach, we facilitate one on one, physical appointments as well. You can book a doctor’s appointment online through our doctor online appointment app and alleviate your doubts and questions about your situation. Furthermore, we keep a record of all the tests that you get booked through us so that you don’t have to scout for records in case some need arises in future.

1. How does Meddo Health work?

Meddo Health is an integrative online health services platform that allows you to book an online doctor’s appointment, virtual or physical, in order to get yourself tested. We also enable you to book your lab tests online and the samples for the same can be collected by our experts from the comfort of your home. 

2. Can Meddo Health handle my emergency situations?

In case of an emergency situation, you can book an appointment with a doctor online through us and we can apprise you on the availability of the nearby doctor clinic as per your need. 

3. Can I request a particular Doctor on Meddo App?

Yes, you can request to book an appointment online with a particular doctor. Our app will allow you to convene with him/her as per their time and availability. 

4. Can I use it for my family?

Yes, Meddo Health is amongst the best online health care services in India. You can register all the members of your family with us and we will maintain a track record of their testing and reports that shall be done through us. In addition to that, we also provide several kinds of discounts for the services available on our portal to our members. 

5. Is my electronic health record kept private?

Yes, your electronic health record will be kept private and only you will be able to access it once you log into your account. 

6. Is Meddo Health available 24/7

Yes, Meddo Health is a 24/7 online health services application. You can log into your account and access our services at any time of night or day our Meddo saarthi will anser your query.