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Happy Weight vs Healthy Weight

In this health-conscious world, achieving a perfect body weight has become a significant concern for every individual. As a result, people are becoming more concerned about maintaining good health. 

In India, health-related issues are a big problem, and obesity hasreached epidemic proportions alarming for citizens. Over 1.9 billion people worldwide are overweight, with 650 million being obese. 

Inappropriate information about a happy and healthy weight can be misleading. So, it is essential to clear out any misunderstanding related to both terms. 

What is a happy weight?

To your knowledge, a happy weight is generally characterised by the mental feeling of being in a healthy state. Therefore, the first indication that you are gaining a happy weight is characterised by what you think your weight should be, not what the scale says. 

Do you know a person with a happy weight feels that their body is healthy and full of energy? This can be a determining factor in a healthy weight.

If you want to maintain a happy weight, drink a lot of water, fuel your body with an excellent healthy food supply, and eat mindfully. 

Always remember your happy weight is far beyond measurements, and when you don’t worry about your body size, you will appear more like a person full of self-love and confidence.

What is a healthy weight?

The concept of a healthy weight is more interesting because it’s one that you achieve gradually with balance and not suddenly scaring the body. You can maintain a healthy weight without significant sacrifices and constant swings on the scale, with a quiet life and eating without nerves.

For gaining healthy weight, try to rebuild your relationship with food. Because that way, there is no suffering, but a reassessment of values ??and behaviors related to food, is something that can last you a lifetime.

We understand that people need parameters to be able to assess their health. And weight is an essential reference in this regard, but it is not the only one.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight, it is important to keep the body active and eat balanced food with various foods–prioritising the fresh ones and avoiding ultra-processed food.

Everyone is aware of the term BMI or Body Mass Index. It is the most prevalent technique to calculate the perfect body weight of an individual according to weight and height. However, to achieve the ideal BMI on the scale, it is crucial to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise. 

Golden tip: Stop Weighing Yourself

Obsessing over “what is a healthy weight” increases the obsession with diets and “eating perfect,” which is also a myth. Also, beware of exaggerated expectations; it is necessary to be realistic and accept our body type.

Celebrities and runway models do not represent the majority of the Indian population. So, look for achievable goals and, within them, do your best. And finally, stop weighing yourself! 

Leave the standards and ideals aside and look for something more compatible with your reality without suffering. Remember, you are so much more than a number on the scale!