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4 Common Monsoon Skin Problems to Be Aware Of

The transition from warm summer days to the moist monsoon days often results in the outbreak of infectious diseases due to the changing seasons, with skin problems being a commonly observed phenomenon. Be it persistent itching in the feet or excessive sweating, the monsoon may be the culprit. While most monsoon skin problems may not always be serious, it is advisable to reach out to a trusted dermatologist in Delhi, Gurgaon, and nearby places for ensuring optimal skin health. If you want to be extra cautious while receiving medical attention during the times of COVID-19, you can simply opt for online medical consultation and tele-consult with a doctor. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we discuss four common monsoon skin problems to be aware of. Take a look. 

Athlete’s Foot 

Athlete’s foot is a commonly observed fungal infection with itchy white blisters and cracks appearing in the feet as the common symptom. The condition is generally caused when feet are allowed to be moist or wet for extended periods of time, resulting in them becoming a breeding ground for fungi. Keeping your feet dry and wiping them with a cloth after getting out in the rain is a sure-fire way to keep the athlete’s foot at bay. 


Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterised by excessive sweating in body parts such as palms, soles of the feet, face, and armpits. This condition is generally aggravated in monsoon due to the increased moisture in the atmosphere. Botox therapy is the most commonly recommended treatment for this condition. Contact a skin specialist in Delhi or Gurgaon to help manage the hyperhidrosis through botox therapy. 

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Folliculitis is a hair condition that is caused due to bacteria or fungus, resulting in swollen hair follicles. In extreme cases, pus discharge may also be observed from the swollen follicles. The excess moisture of the monsoon results in increased sweat production, which in turn triggers folliculitis. A hair specialist in Delhi and nearby places would generally prescribe medicated creams, among other treatments. 


Ringworm is among the most commonly occurring monsoon conditions across the country. Caused by fungal infestation, ringworms appear as red and circular patches on the skin, found on parts such as the shoulders, chest, groin, and scalp. They often result in irritating symptoms such as excessive itchiness. Consulting a skin doctor in Delhi can help get rid of the condition. Self-medicating for ringworms is to be avoided as it can result in ugly scars on the skin. 

Wrap Up 

Monsoon is often perceived as a huge relief from the blistering hot summers. That being said, common health problems such as skin allergies can often make the whole season uncomfortable to say the least. Despite maintaining good hygiene, excess moisture and humidity often lead to undesirable skin conditions all throughout the monsoon. The best way forward, at such a juncture, is to consult an experienced dermatologist and get necessary medical attention. Meddo, one of India’s leading physician aggregators, helps you connect with experienced skin doctors in Gurgaon, Delhi, and nearby locations. To schedule an appointment, email us at contact@meddo.in. Alternatively, chat with a skin doctor on 18602583123.